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George Anthony and the Women in His Life

January 23, 2009

I wanted to reflect a little on the recent developments in the Caylee Anthony case. Although I will reserve my opinions on the actions of the entire family I feel I have to comment on the father, George Anthony. January 22 George Anthony allegedly attempted suicide in a hotel room and was committed to a facility for observation.

George Anthony is a retired police officer from Ohio. Given this fact and the fact that he has endured much emotional upheaval since the discovery of his Granddaughters disappearance I am not surprised at these events. The reason I mention his occupation is one has to account for his experience in these types of cases.

In light of the recent release of 300+ documents in the investigation of his Granddaughters death Mr. Anthony must have had some terrible revelations regarding how this tragedy occurred. This coupled with his testimony in the Grand Jury hearing into his daughters arrest has got to be an almost unbearable feeling of hopelessness.

One has to give credit to Mr. Anthony’s moral values in that he testified to things that did not shed a good light on his daughter, but non-the-less were his version of what he believed to be the truth of the circumstance. He has stood dutifully by his daughter, even through her narcissism, temper tantrums and obvious lies. It is hard to conceive how he has not collapsed before now.

It has been obvious, through evidence released, media coverage of George, Cindy, Lee and Casey that if any one has been at all honest it has been George. I am sure he has held back some things that could have been helpful but this probably only added to his mental downfall.

In viewing Cindy Anthony’s many interviews with the press it is obvious that she is the dominant person in this family. I am not trying to degrade anyone for their personality traits I am just making an observation based on her public treatment of her family. One has to wonder if this trait of female dominance has been passed to Casey. This dominance in no way says anything about George Anthony’s capabilities. It just says that Cindy Anthony was in control.

To the point of this blog, this entire bizarre story is the direct result of the actions of one person, Casey Anthony. If she killed her child it started there. If by some weird chance Caylee was kidnapped, it started when Casey did not report it and lied to the only people who could have helped her; her father and the police.

A lesson from all of this is that nothing is impossible. Although it may seem beyond comprehension, mothers can hate their children and can hurt them. Mothers can also cover up and lie for their children when they are in trouble, as Cindy Anthony proved when she was asked to supply police with Caylee’s toothbrush. If she lied about that who knows how deep the lies go.

In my opinion George is another one of Cindy and Casey’s victims. As far as Lee goes, he is hiding; hiding from what is anybodies guess. Maybe he does not want to be another of the female members of the family’s victim’s. Maybe he did his own lying. If the criminal justice system is successful we may find out the answer to most of the questions. But, the only one who knows what “TRULY” happened is Caylee, and she can no longer tell us.