Shield and Sword (updated)

Awesome example or Shield and Sword reference in the court room.

I just watched an update and this hearing and was disappointed. Not for typical reasons such as a hasty public decision of Casey’s guilt but because Baez makes me ill and angry. He acts with such arrogance in the courtroom it is a disgrace. His smirks and presumption that he can act against procedure makes a mockery of lawyers everywhere. Baez is the type of lawyer that jokes are made about.

Attorney Keith Mitnik is a watchable lawyer though. He seems to know his business and acts with respect and professionalism in the courtroom. His knowledge of procedure and the application of previously set sanctions is a pleasure to watch.

In watching the court video I can not help but think that Baez is desperate to keep Casey from uttering a single word and not being present in court. I know it is good lawyer tactics to silence your client but his desperation is visible and draws attention.

He refuses to drop the counter suit Casey has filed and states Casey will plead the fifth. This is where the standard of Shield and Sword come in. Or, as Mitnik says, “The defense can not have their cake and eat it too”. Either they drop the counter suit and plead the fifth or purse it and give an in-person deposition. Baez wants the deposition in written form to view the questions in advance. Of course he does so, like Mitnk says, Casey can be coached for 30 days on what to say. Obviously this proves that Baez knows his client is a practiced liar and can fool everyone if she is given 30 days to practice. Just like the 30 days she used to practice her story about Caylee’s abduction?

I try to be unbiased in my opinion and let the justice system do what is is designed to do but Baez and Casey are horses of a different color and make this task difficult. How can Baez publicly state that his client is innocent and did nothing wrong to Caylee and hide her behind the Fifth amendment shield. He blathers on about how the truth will come out at trial and Casey will be proven innocent. One wonders if he (Baez) thinks about who was looking out for Caylee’s rights.

I recall Casey’s Mother Cindy stating to the media that when we all heard what really happened to Caylee we would all award her mother of the year. Maybe in some warped horror flick. Nothing Casey does represents a mother. But Cindy Anthony is another story all together.

Anyhow, I loved being able to view this proceeding, thank God for the World Wide Web! I would recommend it to any student studying law.


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