Hamas and Ice-Cream

The ignorance of some individuals angers me to the point of frustration. Things or situations that are so obvious they almost seem to laugh in ones face grate on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.

99% of the time, in warlike situations, terrorist groups will infiltrate the general public and hide among innocent citizens. When battle starts and the bombs rain down on these groups the innocents are killed by the thousands.

This was the intent of the terrorists from the beginning. The use of propaganda to further their efforts and gain sympathy is always part of terrorists ‘big’ plan. The age old method of using the death of innocent citizens to try to prove that the opposition is cruel and uncaring is predictable to say the least.

Recent interviews with Hamas sympathizers are like scripts from past terrorist efforts. The numbers of dead and wounded are separated by their position in society; citizen or Hamas member. Of course the number of citizens killed will be higher, that is the propaganda plan.

Excuses like the theory that the Hamas has no where else to go but among the citizens are pathetic to say the least. If the Hamas and their cause where truly worthy they would protect the citizens from impending battle and possible death by setting up their base of operations far from the city.

In 2006 if Hamas had renounced violence this blog would not exist. But attacking innocent civilians has always been the way of the Hamas. It is inevitable that they would in turn use the death of innocents as a strategic weapon of war.

My anger lies with the sympathizers that eat the propaganda like a welcome bowl of ice-cream in the summer. Never questioning what the ice-cream is hiding (sugar, fat, and other artery cloggers), just enjoying the instant gratification.

Put down the ice-cream folks and look up the history. It is as plain as the nose on your face, listed under ‘propaganda tactics that win sympathy’, or ‘ instant gratification, it is the easiest way’.


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